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Building Marshmallow Towers
8th graders investigate Mollusks!
Building Marshmallow Towers
Building Marshmallow Towers
Thermo Fisher SEM

Integrity. Excellence. Community.

We create an atmosphere of celebration of knowledge where children of all backgrounds and abilities
can excel in all subjects, especially in math, science and technology.

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What Makes AMSA Special?

Learn why AMSA is continually ranked among the top ten public high schools in Massachusetts.

Community Impact

Our students contribute hundreds of hours each year on community service projects.


AMSA’s curriculum challenges students to achieve their excellence. We give our teachers the freedom to innovate and adopt diverse teaching methods. They create learning environments where it’s safe for students to make mistakes.

Special Education

Embracing students "of all backgrounds and abilities" is the core of AMSA's mission and the heart of our Special Ed department.

AMSA Awarded $105,000 Cummings Grant

Funding will increase access to engineering programs for underrepresented students