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Parent Testimonials

What makes AMSA special? Read what our parents think!


I chose to support your capital project as I believe your school is offering an exceptional education. We hear on the news how our kids in the U.S. are falling behind in science and math. Those children I know who have attended AMSA, have gone on to college and have been successful in their jobs after graduation. AMSA-educated children are getting an excellent education to help them be prepared for the competitive business world.
Capital Campaign Donor


We are grateful for many aspects of our daughter’s education at AMSA! The staff treat students as individuals, and consider their unique needs. They communicate and work with families to help students grow and succeed. AMSA has a culture of academic curiosity. Teachers are passionate about their subjects, and that passion is contagious. There is a wonderful willingness to try new ideas in the classroom and adapt curriculum.
Parents of 7th grader


This quote from the Dalai Lama summarizes the commitment and focus for AMSA: “When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” AMSA has a strong and rigorous academic focus but the teachers and staff love the children. They make it an environment where learning is at the heart of everything and creativity is honored.  Not only have I seen my kids grow academically but also socially at AMSA. The community of students, teachers, staff and families is amazing.  This balance and blend of academics, sports, clubs, music, school dances/events and community involvement lends itself to educating the minds but also strengthening the growth of emotional and spiritual well being of our kids. AMSA is a special place!!!
Parent of a 2021 graduate and a 2023 graduate


I can't say enough about the galactic difference between AMSA and other schools our children have attended. The community of teachers and administrators at AMSA has been exceptional, and the quality of students is second to none. It's this combination that makes AMSA so special. Our son, who is on the autism spectrum, was so cherished and protected by his peers at AMSA that they voted him both Homecoming King and Prom King. How many secondary schools in the world have students with that type of kindness and character? AMSA has changed lives in this way and continues to strive to even be better. 
Parents of Graduate, 7th Grader, and 12th Grader


My son getting into AMSA was the best thing that has happened to him, and our family. The overall support of my son as a whole - academically, socially and emotionally - has him thriving both in and out of the classroom. The mixture of a fantastic counseling department and several non-athletic extracurricular programs/activities has provided my son with so many positive social experiences. Teachers are always willing to provide extra support and guidance and have a level of dedication to their students I have never experienced before. My son has become part of a community, not just a school, and we are so grateful.  
Parents of 7th Grader


One of the best things about AMSA is how it brings together individuals from various cultures. As an immigrant to the U.S., I remember my children feeling out of place and struggling to find their identity even though they were born here. However, at AMSA, the diverse student and teacher body creates a sense of inclusivity and acceptance. This helps my children feel more confident and comfortable, and also allows them to learn from and appreciate different cultural backgrounds. Overall, AMSA promotes harmony and understanding, which I believe is one of the most valuable aspects of the school.  
Parents of 7th Grader


One of my most favorite memories as an AMSA parent was when my children would come home and talk about all the things they were learning. You could see their passion, excitement, and thirst for knowledge. I then went to parent night and saw the same passion, excitement, and thirst for knowledge on their teachers faces!  
Parents of Graduate, 10th Grader, and 12th Grader


AMSA is a wonderful and safe place to learn. The teachers love what they do and are always pushing the boundaries with their innovative curriculum.
Parents of 9th Grader and 12th Grader


What do we like about AMSA? The feeling of inclusion, respect, and friendship. It feels like a big family. 
Parents of 8th Grader


Dedication is the word I find to define the staff and students at AMSA. Their dedication and commitment to achieve anything but also respecting each others' differences. AMSA is a great diversity school. I’m so proud of being part of the AMSA family. 
Parents of 9th Grader and 11th Grader


AMSA was a lifesaver for my son. As a neurodivergent student, he was welcomed and found friends for the first time. The Special Education Department helped my son grow and succeed, not just “get by.” They truly care and support students of all abilities.  
Parents of Graduate


AMSA provides a great platform and cultivates a well balanced environment with their faculties and students. This motivates my child to strive to do her best pushing to her limits to learn and to work hard on all her classes while balancing with extracurricular activities.
Parents of 10th Grader