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Learning Platforms

We are streamlining the way AMSA students will receive information about each of their remote classes for the Fall. All AMSA teachers will be using Google Classroom this year for posting assignments, sharing links to their Zoom sessions and much more. 

When logged into Google Classroom, students can collaborate with their peers and teachers. Google Classroom offers a digital safe space for students to view class announcements, access posted course content, view posted assignments, and turn in completed work. Only authorized AMSA users (students, teachers, and other designated staff members) can have access to an AMSA Google Classroom. Google users outside the AMSA network are not granted permission to any AMSA Classroom.

The level of access for parents allowed through Google Classroom is different from PlusPortals. Parents will have "Guardian" access to each of your student's Google Classrooms, which will enable you to receive email summaries from each class. You will be able to choose to receive daily or weekly email summaries. 

With Google Classroom we would like to point out that:

  • Guardians do not have access to the actual Classroom interface and cannot see everything that their student sees. 
  • If you would like to see exactly what your student sees in their Google Classrooms, you will need to have your student log onto their Classrooms with you present in order to view it with them. 
  • Please note that any activity in Google Classroom is documented under the student’s login and it would be inappropriate for a parent to communicate with the teacher or other students in Google Classroom. 
  • Parents should use their personal email to digitally communicate with the teacher or send a message through PlusPortals.  

Email summaries will include the following only:

  • Missing work—Work not turned in when the summary was sent.
  • Upcoming work—Work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails).
  • Class activities—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers.

If there is no activity to report on that particular day or week, you might not get an email summary.


If you have any general feedback or questions, please email

Help Desk

Any student experiencing technical issues during remote learning can email our help desk at or call (508) 597-2400 x3409 to speak to our IT Director, Mrs. Piotrowski.