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Your Questions Answered

Below are answers to common questions from parents and students. 

How many students are there per class? Are all classes be “live” or do teachers give packets out? How will they find links to classes?

Our AMSA classes have a maximum limit of 26 students. All teachers use Zoom to deliver lessons. The Zoom links are made available on each teacher’s Google Classroom page. All teachers use Google Classroom for posting assignments and general announcements. Zoom will be used for the actual live remote lesson. 


Do any teachers teach remotely or do labs?

Teachers are welcome to utilize their classrooms to conduct remote lessons. 


How are Chromebooks/laptops issued if a family is in need? 

If purchasing a Chromebook is financially prohibitive for your family, please click here to open a Google Form to request to borrow a device from AMSA. This form should only be filled out if your student does not currently have a computer or Chromebook to use at home for remote learning. If you have more than one AMSA student in need of a computer, please fill out a separate form for each child.


Do students have to have the camera turned on during the class? 

All students will be expected to have their cameras turned on during class. Parents and students may reach out to their respective school counselor if there are legitimate concerns or issues. 


How long are class periods? 

70 minutes.


Can the students have snacks while in a remote class? This would allow them to go for a walk at lunch as a break from sitting. 

We encourage students to eat snacks during the 15-minute breaks between classes, academic workshops, and lunch periods. During class time, students should refrain from consuming food on camera as it has potential to disrupt the class. 


Do the teachers that students connect with on Monday mornings change? 

Students have the same teacher for Monday Morning Check-Ins each week. 


Please explain if group work with peers involves an adult monitoring. 

Zoom does allow for the teacher to facilitate group work. 


Is Monday the only day the students have the ability to get help from their teachers? 

Students can contact their teachers and find a mutual time and date on days other than Mondays.


Is the academic lab one of the class times? How is that handled?

Yes, the academic lab will serve as one of the class times. Please contact Special Education Director, Lynn Jarvis, with any questions. 


How does AMSA handle absences for medical appointments that get scheduled during the school day? What if a student loses connection during a class? What will the protocol be? 

AMSA strictly adheres to its attendance policies outlined in the student-parent handbook. Parents will be expected to call the attendance line (508-597-2400 ext. 9) for any absence, tardie, or dismissal (if a student has a scheduled medical appointment during school hours, for example). If a student loses connection during a class, we suggest utilizing another available device, if possible. If another device at home is not available, the student should remain patient and attempt to log back in on a consistent basis. If the connection fails and a significant amount of class time is missed, the student and parents should contact the appropriate teacher to explain the situation.  


Are students required to wear uniforms to remote classes? 

No, uniforms are not required during remote sessions. Appropriate dress is expected of all students. The Deans of Students will communicate general expectations in the coming weeks. 


Do students have PE during remote learning? 

Yes, physical education will still take place in a remote learning environment.


Other schools are allowing students to use outside options for physical education for school credit. Can this be an option for AMSA students?

AMSA will not be issuing credit to students for outside accomplishments or athletic participation. Physical education lessons will be delivered through Zoom involving physical movement as well as discussions around relevant health-related topics.  


Do students have to be present online all day on Mondays after the initial check in? If they don’t have to meet up with a teacher, are they free to do other things? 

Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers during specified office-hour times on Mondays, when necessary. Also, students should be completing their work from the previous week and preparing for the week ahead. On certain Mondays, mandatory class meetings will take place (hosted by administration). 


What is the purpose of the check-ins / workshops? If they are supposed to act like study halls then why not condense them or eliminate them altogether?

The Monday Morning Check-In will run similar to a traditional homeroom period. This will provide students with an opportunity to check in with their check-in teacher, ask questions, etc. The academic workshops are scheduled times for students to complete their classwork and make progress, while providing them the opportunity to ask their supervising teacher a question, if needed. 


Has AMSA implemented a protocol for the teachers to follow regarding response time for grading and feedback on homework and exams during remote learning? 

Our Communication Protocol is here on our website under Student Life. This document outlines the communication expectations of our staff to families and students in regards to grading, feedback, etc.    


What is the tardy policy during remote learning? 

All attendance policies will be in effect for the entire school year including during remote learning. Tardiness will be recorded.


Are there remote clubs? 

We have launched many clubs and run them as effectively as possible given the circumstances. See the list of clubs here.


What kind of support system will be put in place if students are struggling with online learning flow/structure?

Students will have the opportunity to visit their teachers for office hours on Mondays and always have the opportunity to reach out to the teacher to set up a mutual appointment. Parents and students are also encouraged to reach out to their school counselors if they are struggling. 


Are the students supposed to have laptops or specifically Chromebooks? 

Students can utilize either type of device while participating in remote learning. 


Who do we contact if we have problems with school-issued Chromebooks or Zoom? 

Please contact our IT director, Erica Piotrowski at with any technical questions. 


If you have any general feedback or questions, please email

Help Desk

Any student experiencing technical issues during remote learning can email our help desk at or call (508) 597-2400 x3409 to speak to our IT Director, Mrs. Piotrowski.