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Standing Committees

Much of the Board of Trustees' work is conducted in Standing Committees, which meet regularly and report in to the full Board at monthly meetings.

Education Committee

The Education Committee meets regularly with the Executive Director or their designee to discuss and define academic excellence at AMSA, ensure progress towards the objectives set in AMSA’s accountability plans in the areas of academic success, and to ensure faithfulness to the terms of the Charter.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance & Audit Committee oversees AMSA’s annual budget preparation and reporting; approves and oversees financial controls and ensures that AMSA finances are managed responsibly, coordinates the selection of the external auditor and arrange for the annual audit report to be provided to the Board.

Fundraising & Development Committee

The goal of the Fundraising and Development Committee is to develop the relationships and tools that will inspire individuals and corporations to make financial and in-kind contributions that will enable AMSA to fulfill its mission. The Committee oversees AMSA's fundraising activities.

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews the Board of Trustee’s Bylaws as approved by the Department of Education. The Committee also reviews the school’s policies, rules and procedures and when necessary, drafts new policies and procedures and recommends amendments to existing policies and procedures for the Board’s consideration. The Governance Committee oversees the quality of the decisions of the Trustees and the Trustees' self-management. The Governance Committee selects and nominates all candidates for the Board, nominates Board officers, oversees Trustee orientation and education, and conducts periodic evaluations of individual Trustees and the Board as a whole.