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AMSA’s curriculum challenges students to achieve their excellence.

We introduce advanced subjects in the Lower School (grades 6-8), building a solid foundation for higher-level coursework in the Upper School (grades 9-12). Over 80%of graduating seniors take AP classes, choosing from 18 courses.

Every AMSA student receives comprehensive training in mathematical thinking and analysis - the foundation skills necessary for success in college/graduate learning as well as STEM and other careers. They learn not just what to think,  but how to think, using critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are future-proof. 

We give our teachers the freedom to innovate – and they take it from there. By adopting diverse teaching methods and introducing new ideas, they create learning environments that inspire the “Aha!” moments when a new concept becomes clear to a student. Cross-disciplinary teaching links subjects such as history, language, art, math, and science to a common theme or time period. This approach puts ideas and subjects in context. Collaborative projects between classes spark students’ curiosity and give them even deeper understanding of subjects.

We encourage risk-taking and creativity. We create an environment
where it’s safe for students to make mistakes.