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Computer Science

AMSA’s Computer Science curriculum is forward thinking, combining our strengths in Science, Engineering, and Math with Computer Science. Computer Science education is in our charter; it is part of our foundation. Having Computer Science education in our core program distinguishes AMSA from other schools in the country. 

Our exceptional Computer Science curriculum introduces software, hardware, algorithms, computational thinking, and programming at each grade level. The curriculum focuses heavily on solving problems using tools that help students visualize and get feedback from their computation.

Having Computer Science as a mandatory course in 6th through 11th allows us to focus on exciting initiatives to keep our program advanced, refine our methods of teaching, enhance our curriculum and make computer science fun and engaging for all students. Our faculty is unique and quite diverse. We have graduates in Computer Science, Math, and Engineering. Most of our team has professional experience in Computer Science and the Engineering industry.

Upper School Computer Science Overview
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Technovation Challenge

Technovation Challenge is an annual program that teaches young women mobile app development, concepts of entrepreneurship, and community engagement – all with the goal of inspiring them to enter STEM fields.

Students spend several months working in teams on researching, designing, and building mobile app prototypes that address community problems.

AMSA middle and high school girls participate each year.