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Contemporary Voices Projects

Seniors in Ms. Johnson's Contemporary Voices class participated in a culminating research project a bit different from the norm. Students were able to choose their desired project format to demonstrate their learning. Through their chosen method of delivery, students demonstrated a complex understanding of a contemporary issue or problem and presented an argument to view, solve, and approach the issue in a particular way. The course focuses on timeless and universal themes of coming-of-age, forming one’s identity, and facing injustice while considering the implications of doing so confronted with all of the complexity which the modern world entails. 

NOTE:  The views and opinions expressed in the materials on this page are strictly those of the students who produced them and do not necessarily reflect the views of AMSA or the administration.

Claire Allen -- Child Protective Services Issues (podcast)

Olivia Barth -- A Teenage Mental Health Pandemic

Nadim Bazhod -- Fake News on Social Media

Karsyn Canale -- Psychological Effect On Zoo Animals

Logan Carter -- A take on the Death Penalty

Yuven Dadigala -- How COVID-19 has Affected the Mental Health of Teenagers 

Sam David -- Gun Laws

Jenneke de Haan -- Period Inequality in the United States

Anvi Gampa -- Standardized Testing

Trevor Gannon -- Climate Change’s Impact on Animals

Mike Garvey -- How farms are bad for rivers

Liam Genninger -- Effects of Diet on Mental Health (podcast)

Dylan Green -- Gun Laws

Ben Frechette -- Online Extremism and How to Counteract It (podcast)

Cate Goering -- Beavers - Conservation Heroes

Kirstin Hailey -- What's Really Going On in There?

Evan Hardy -- Why do poor communities remain poor?

Cameron Hunt -- The Internet and the First Amendment

Sophia John -- Late Mornings (podcast)

Sarah Johnson -- Speak, Listen, and Think (podcast)

Maya Kandeshwarath -- Incorporating Automation into the Workplace

Izam Karukappadath -- Generational Poverty

Sydney Kerivan -- How body type determines success with fitness goals

Stratton Lussier -- Hyper Partisanism in the US

Jaan Malik -- Impacts of Fast Food Marketing Toward Children

Brody Matijevic -- Cancel Culture

Gabriella Michel -- Discussion of appearance and self esteem (podcast)

Andrew Moran -- On Texas’ Reopening

Brianna Nguyen -- Importance of Stricter Gun Laws (podcast)

Mithran Panchamoorthy -- Music & Mental Health

Sidhant Roymoulik -- An Automation Short Story

Zihad Syed -- Why the U.S. Government Must Limit the Sale of Alcohol (podcast)

Christopher Walczak -- Abortion

Katherine White -- The Toxicity of Cancel Culture