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National Foreign Language Week

In honor of National Foreign Language Week 2022, we presented fun facts about world languages!


Fun Facts About the Latin Language

In honor of National Foreign Language Week, the Latin teachers of AMSA are excited to share some fun Latin facts! Did you know that Latin influenced the development of many modern languages; such as French, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian? Most people use Latin phrases on a daily basis, such as 12:00 AM (ante meridiam “before noon”) or 12:00 (post meridiam “after noon”). Latin was originally spoken by the Ancient Romans and learning their language can provide a view into the way they viewed the world. In some ways, it’s not that different from our own! Take for example this piece of graffiti found in the ancient city of Pompeii: SVNIBAS OIVRVC SAL “Sabinus to Corvius, hi!”.


Fun Facts About the French Language

In honor of National Foreign Language Week, the French Club is happy to share some fun facts about the French Language. Can you believe that French is one of the most popular languages in the world? French is spoken in 5 of the 7 continents. That makes it the 7th most spoken language in the world! Not only is it the mother tongue of 29 countries around the world, but it is the second most learned language in the world with a total of 125 million students and 900,000 teachers!! French is one of the official languages in The United Nations, the Olympic Games, and the European Union. All in all, French is a beautiful language that is spoken in many places around the world, bringing so many people together! 


Fun Facts About the Spanish Language

In honor of National Foreign Language Week, the Spanish National Honor Society has some fun Spanish facts. Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world? It is also the official language of 21 countries. Since over 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide, knowing the language can open up many doors for you. Being bilingual is a huge professional asset, and it also fosters better connection with people from all over the globe. Learning Spanish enables opportunities to explore rich art, literature and culture.