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The English department strives to challenge and help all students master a sophisticated and advanced literature curriculum and communicate skillfully in a variety of modes. Our goal is to graduate students who are skilled communicators, critical and creative thinkers, and readers ready for college-level work. Equally important is the development of writers and speakers who can adapt effectively to a variety of situations, purposes, and audiences in both traditional and non-traditional media formats. To these ends, the curriculum focuses on the concepts important for success in the modern world: knowledge and facility with a variety of writing modes, analysis skills, synthesis skills, and speaking skills. As testimony to the effectiveness of this approach, our students demonstrate steady progress from grade to grade on standardized tests, including exceptionally high scores on AP exams and SAT tests.

The English curriculum supports these goals through the study of writing, vocabulary, and grammar each year which facilitate students’ development as skilled writers. Beginning in grade 6, students are also introduced to specific, age-appropriate concepts integral to the research process and to various modes of writing. These concepts and related skills are supported and built upon in each successive year through 12th grade when students produce an in-depth research essay which includes a variety of sources, proper citation, skillful synthesis and in-depth analysis supporting an original thesis.

Club Work

Student Work

Contemporary Voices Final Projects (2021) - Students address contemporary issues in various formats

The Quill - AMSA’s student literary and creative magazine that showcase student talents

The AMSA Voice - the student news site produced by AMSA journalism students

English Dept. News

Plato's Republic Projects

Nothing beautiful without struggle." So said Plato is his 375 BCE masterpiece the Republic, and so students recently demonstrated in Mr. Hill's Philosophy course. After grappling with the ancient Greek philosopher's ideas, students presented their Plato's Republic projects, which included films and stop-motion animations, models, posters, PowerPoint presentations, games, and Lego-reenactments.  see photos

Mock Interviewing for Mentoring Program

As part of an ongoing mentoring program, Grade 12 students have been coaching Grade 6 students on interviewing skills and recently conducted mock job interviews and product pitches.