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“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding” – William Paul Thurston (1946-2012)

This deceptively simple statement by one of America’s most accomplished mathematicians underlies the essential truth upon which the philosophy of AMSA’s Math Department is based.Mathematics is not merely a grab-bag of techniques and calculations, nor a listing of numerical or geometrical facts, but is the language and truth of the universe that leads us to a world of understanding. This understanding girds all science in its astonishing variety and development, and without which the highly technological world which sustains us would never have been. AMSA’s mathematical faculty seeks to prepare and nourish all our students to learn well in, to think well in, and to have full chance to flourish in such a world. Our goals are:

Math Dept. News

Math End-of-Year Projects

Mathematics teachers Ms. Zoettler, Ms. Makovoz, and Ms. Shmidt (Dept. Chair) proudly show off some of their student end-of-year projects. These are from Advanced Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and Differential Equations courses. See them for yourself in the Upper School 500 floor!  photos

Math on Board

What do some 9th & 10th graders in Ms. Trang’s study hall do when they finish their homework? Create math problems on the board for each other to solve, of course! File this under Only at AMSA…  photo


AMSA’s Middle School Math Team won 3rd place in the recent MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition, which qualifies them for the States Competition! “They have been working so hard and deserve to be recognized for their amazing achievements thus far in the year. I am truly very proud of them!” said Ms. Fida, coach of the Middle School Math Team.  read more

Celebrating Pi Day

Pi Day is today (Mar 14 or 3-14), a day to celebrate the mathematical constant π.