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2024-2025 Lottery Results

Lottery Results for 2024-2025 School Year

Grade 6 Results
Grade 7 Results
Grade 8 Results
Grade 9 Results



Grade = grade applying for 2024-25  

1 = Sibling of current AMSA student
2 = Core Town resident
3 = non core Town resident

Alias = your child's code name for the lottery

City = Child's city of residence

Lottery # = Randomly assigned as a result of the lottery

Decision =result of lottery

*skip over=Marlborough resident above the NSS cap

** skip=Town if residence over their NSS cap

Lottery Process

Each applicant was assigned a random lottery number during the lottery process. All applicants were placed in lottery order then by Priority order. Seats were offered if available.

The waitlists have been broken down by grade to assist you in finding your child's position. Due to the NSS cap which restricts AMSA to enroll only 25 Marlborough non sibling residents above our current school registration, there are many Marlborough residents on the waitlist who have been "*skipped over". These students remain on the waitlist in lottery order and become eligible for any Marlborough non sibling seat that opens up. Any other seat that opens will be filled by the first non Marlborough applicant on the waitlist. The waitlist produced by the 2024-25 lottery remains active until 2/15/2025, if seats become available during the year the seats will be offered in Waitlist order.