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Core Values in Action

Keeping Us Safe

Ms. Ehnstrom recognized Brielle Rogers ('29) for going out of her way to pick up a "Wet Floor" sign that had been knocked over in a Lower School hallway and put it back in its place. Thank you, Brielle, for following our Core Values and helping to keep fellow students and staff safe! 

Organizing Lunch Trays

Mr. Montesion recognized Xavier Stone ('30) and Aurora Stone ('29) for displaying Community by helping to organize lunch trays every day during Lower School lunch!

Unloading Toys for Local Homeless Shelter

Ms. Paille recognized Gabriella Duque ('27) for helping some parents unload a truck full and car full of toys for a toy drive benefitting a local homeless shelter. Gabi is a true example of AMSA's core values.

Picking Up Trash in Senior Lot

Mr. Smyth recognized Dylan Nash ('24) for stepping up and volunteering his time to help clear trash from the senior parking lot. Mr. Smyth noticed him picking up trash after school one day, and when Mr. Nawrocki asked seniors to clean up the lot a few days later, Dylan was the only one who helped out. Thank you for your display of Community, Dylan!

Helping in the Classroom

Dr. Doyle recognized Jason Crocker ('26) for having the Excellence to adjust/straighten the desks in his classroom.

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