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Core Values in Action

Helping Fellow Student Excel

Mr. Brandes recognized 7th grader Julia Silva, who has been assisting another student (in multiple classes) with note taking and organizational skills. She does so without prompting or any expectation of reward. Her assistance has truly helped the student excel over the past few classes. Julia's teachers truly appreciate her assisting others and believe that her willingness to help others will take her far in life.

Going Above and Beyond

Ms. Snow recognized Mr. Stonebraker for his contribution to the AMC 10/12 test administration process. He created a great tool that he shared with all the upper school teachers. He improved the test process for himself as well as for others. His tool will be used in future tests!

Reporting Mistaken Grade

Ms. Marathe recognized 10th grader Anna Grankin for Integrity. Her grade for the Pre-Calculus mid-year exam was incorrectly entered as higher than her actual grade. Anna diligently reported this mistake. While everyone craves higher grades, Anna's behavior sets a good example of making good choices and good personal values.

Helping Friend in Need

Ms. Moy recognized 6th grader Isaiah Zuo. His friend spilled his lunch all over the floor and Isaiah helped him clean it up without being asked.

Introducing New Student to AMSA

Ms. Culhane recognized freshman Liam Harlan for demonstrating our value of Community when he volunteered to be a guide for an incoming student. For two days Liam not only showed this new student around our campus but also took the time to introduce him to other students and provide him with a firsthand account of what life is like as an AMSA student. Thank you, Liam, for being generous with your time and welcoming to a new member of our AMSA community!

Taking Responsibility

Ms. Marathe recognized 10th graders Andre Foster, Juliana Nguyen, and Andrew Temmallo for taking responsibility for bringing the room, books, whiteboard back to their the original order before leaving class. Also, she recognized 10th grader Sriya Vuppala for correcting and accepting a lower grade on a quiz, which was originally reported higher.

Showing Respect

Ms. Florentine recognized senior Conan Higgins for going above and beyond in being respectful, always acknowledging her by name when entering and leaving the classroom, and even holding the door open for her when she walked down from the upper parking lot.

Showing Integrity Without Being Asked

Ms. Mortimer recognized 8th grader Patterson Balcher for putting up the stools after last period even if she forgets to ask the class. He will start putting them up and stay until its finished. Sometimes others students follow his lead even if it takes a few extra moments of their time. Patterson displays integrity when he sees something that needs to be done and acts on it even without being asked.

Starting Every Day With a Smile

Ms. Morin recognized 7th grader Cassie Fiore for upholding the value of Community. Cassie was a student of Ms. Morin’s last year, and every day she still visits her classroom in the morning to tell a joke to start the day off with a smile!

Showing School Spirit - Above and Beyond!

Mr. Jones recognized junior Trey Fuccillo for dressing up in the Eagle mascot outfit to support the Girls Basketball team at their playoff game at WPI.

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