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Core Values in Action

Navigational Aids

Dr. Mortimer recognized several students for displaying Community by helping a friend navigate between classes and buildings in a wheelchair over several weeks. The students are: Marcos Arellano ('24), Maxim Martin ('24), Tristan May ('24), Myles Maynard ('24), and Connor Williams ('24).

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Kohl recognized Jessica Keyles ('23) for conscientious, persistent hard work, in and out of class, which has resulted in significant achievements in reading and writing. Great job, Jessica!

Volunteering to Clean

Mr. Montesion recognized Manny Lemes ('27) for volunteering to clean up someone else's mess. Thank you, Manny, for displaying our core value of Community!

Helping Fellow Student Excel

Mr. Brandes recognized Julia Silva ('23), who has been assisting another student (in multiple classes) with note taking and organizational skills. She does so without prompting or any expectation of reward. Her assistance has truly helped the student excel over the past few classes. Julia's teachers truly appreciate her assisting others and believe that her willingness to help others will take her far in life.

Going Above and Beyond

Ms. Snow recognized Mr. Stonebraker for his contribution to the AMC 10/12 test administration process. He created a great tool that he shared with all the upper school teachers. He improved the test process for himself as well as for others. His tool will be used in future tests!

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