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Core Values in Action

Holding Door for Teachers and Students

Mr. Petry recognized Matthew Camara ('28) for holding open a locked door by the Lower School woodchips so that students could enter the building. He showed great community skills by helping teachers and students of the AMSA community alike!

Retrieving Ball for Young Kids

Dr. Doyle recognized Manraaj Singh ('24) for retrieving a ball for kids in the Head Start playground located next to the White Building. It was an excellent display of Community and role-modeling for the young children!

Too Many Points on a Grade

Dr. Lewis recognized Sofia Martinez ('24) for demonstrating Integrity. Dr. Lewis accidentally gave Sofia more points on a grade than warranted. She emailed to let him know about the mistake and that she did not deserve the points. Now that is integrity!

Car Left Running

Ms. Paille recognized Nick Faria ('23) for displaying Community. One day he noticed a car left running in the parking lot, so he shut it off and turned the key in to Ms. Paille. The car's owner eventually was reunited with his key.

Teacher Reunited with Mouse

Mr. Vea recognized Richard De Moura ('25) for going out of his way to find Mr. Vea and return his mouse (the computer kind) that he had left in a classroom earlier in the day!

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