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Core Values in Action

Found Jewelry

Dr. Doyle recognized James Martinez ('25) for having the Integrity to turn in jewelry that he found in the classroom.

Help on Balance Day

Ms. Paille recognized Julia Frisoni ('26) for her volunteering to help the AMSA community. She gave up her study to aid the administration in placing signs on the three floors of the Upper School for the Balance Day. "A big shout out to Julia!" said Ms. Paille. 


Ms. Rousseau recognized Matt Peck ('23) for showing Community. One day Emily Liu ('23) came in to class with a drink and spilled it accidentally. Matt immediately ran over and helped her clean it up without a second thought. "I would like to recognize him for stepping up and helping her and for simply being a great guy," said Ms. Rousseau.

Principal Grabs a Shovel

Ms. McLaughlin recognized Principal Nawrocki for modeling Community by helping to shovel snow one day before school. While AMSA's Facilities Dept. does a fantastic job keeping the campus clear of snow and ice all winter, they can't be everywhere at once. Fortunately, staff like Mr. Nawrocki help out if needed!

Assisting in the Lunchroom

Mr. Jordan recognized two of his students, Jeremy Reed ('25) and Liam Thornley ('25) for demonstrating Community. These gentlemen noticed that some students had made a mess in the lunchroom. Before class began, they asked Mr. Jordan if they could go back into the lunchroom to help the lunch ladies clean up. They proceeded to diligently clean the table and sweep the floor.

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