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Core Values in Action

Assisting in the Lunchroom

Mr. Jordan recognized two of his students, Jeremy Reed ('25) and Liam Thornley ('25) for demonstrating Community. These gentlemen noticed that some students had made a mess in the lunchroom. Before class began, they asked Mr. Jordan if they could go back into the lunchroom to help the lunch ladies clean up. They proceeded to diligently clean the table and sweep the floor.

Helping With Clean Up

Mr. Montesion recognized Janellis Spaddy ('29) and Alex Joslyn ('29) for Community. They both took a broom out and cleaned up another student's large mess during lunch.  

Achieving Excellence

Dr. Kohl recognized Charlotte Daugherty ('25) for demonstrating Excellence through her outstanding achievement in reading. 

Up Front About Grade

Ms. Arteaga recognized Brandon Clark for being up front with his grade and displaying Integrity. Ms. Arteaga mistakenly gave him a grade 10 points higher than it should have been, and he informed her of the error. Thank you Brandon for modeling Integrity.

Sharing Capital Campaign

Ms. McLaughlin recognized Leila Jara ('26) for sharing info about AMSA's Capital Campaign with her relatives and friends so that they could make donations to AMSA in lieu of birthday gifts to her. Her gesture covers all of the Core Values! 

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