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Core Values in Action

Helping Lunch Monitors

Ms. Bandaru recognized Iago Silva ('29) for demonstrating AMSA's core value of Community. He was very helpful to the lunch monitors by cleaning a table that a few other students had left unclean. He threw away trash, returned the lunch trays, and cleaned up the table before he went outside to the wood chips. 

Helping New Student and Turning In a Valuable Find

Joseph La Rosa ('26) was recognized for Community for helping a visiting incoming 6th grader with a boot on her foot use the elevator. Grace Ghaly ('23) was recognized for Integrity for turning in some jewelry that she found in a classroom. Thank you Joseph and Grace! 

Helping Out

Dr. Doyle recognized Gabe Casanas ('25) and Dylan Repassy ('25) for having the excellence to put away books and computers without being asked to do so.

Assisting Without Being Asked

Dr. Doyle recognized Tuesday Benander ('23) and Nithya Vuppalapati ('23) for having the integrity to clean up a mess - a spill - in the classroom without being asked to do so.

Found Jewelry

Dr. Doyle recognized James Martinez ('25) for having the Integrity to turn in jewelry that he found in the classroom.

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