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Entering School Buildings in the Morning/Parking

Friendly reminders about when and how to enter school in the morning and where to park if you drive yourself in.

1. Students may enter the school in the morning at 7:25 but not before. If you enter before 7:40 you are to report to the US cafeteria.  

2. At 7:40 the Rocky Balboa theme song will play and at that point you can  A. Go to class or B. Go to your locker and then to class.  1st period class starts at 7:55. Please do not hang around in the hallways as we are still experiencing this pandemic even though it's at a diminished effect and your safety is our priority.

3. For those of you who are driving into school in the morning, you have the option to park in the parking area immediately when entering campus to your right, or the parking lot behind the upper school only. DO NOT PARK NEAR OR AROUND THE WHITE BUILDING. Frequent parking issues may earn you a consequence, detentions or a revoking of your ability to park on campus for a set time. 

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