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Middle School Talent Show 2020

Last weekend’s virtual Middle School Talent Show featured everything from singing and dancing to playing musical instruments to solving a Rubik's Cube one-handed!

All proceeds benefited Sweats4Vets, a non-profit founded by AMSA’s Mr. Vital that collects and distributes clothing for veterans in need.

Masters of Ceremony were 8th graders Ava Daly, Neha Gowthaman, and Sophia Hammel; and 6th graders Angelina DaSilva, Mattingly Fahey, and Zoe Kalina.

Contestants (in order of appearance): Jackson Molloy, Violin; Bella Kalina, Singing; Erin Butler, Singing; Charlotte Daugherty, Lip Syncing and Dancing; Anisha Peri, Piano; Alyssa Guigliano, Dancing; Meg and Emily, Singing; Brendon Clarke, One-Handed Rubik's Cube

And the winners were (drum roll, please) … 
1st Place – Anisha Peri, Piano
2nd Place – Alyssa Guigliano, Dancing
3rd Place – Erin Butler, Singing

Congratulations to all of the contestants and for the students who did an amazing job putting this virtual event together to help veterans!

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