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Sunovion Interns Teach 7th Graders Neuroscience

Seniors Sarah Chennankara, Essiet Ette, Kate Scott, Sahana Sule, and Megha Varghese recently spent a week teaching 7th graders about the human central nervous system. The students became the teachers as part of a new, unique collaborative project with Sunovion, a Marlborough-based pharmaceutical company that develops medicines for respiratory diseases and central nervous system disorders. The students first visited Sunovion several times and learned neuroscience from scientists at the company. Then, the students developed the 7th grade curriculum that they would teach, which included lessons and labs. Dr. Joray, AMSA Science Dept. Chair, and Mr. Vital, AMSA Community Outreach Mgr., selected the seniors for the project based on resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

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