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Term 4 Clarifications

We have received many questions since our announcement yesterday. Please review the information below for further clarification on some of the key topics:

1. Remote Learning from April 28th - June 16th:

Remote learning will be different given that teachers will be instructing students who are physically in front of them, as well as on their Zoom screen.  This will naturally result in a different approach where teachers will have to focus on engaging both sets of students.   Students who continue with the remote learning model starting on April 28th will continue to log into class via Zoom as currently scheduled, with the addition of a full school day on Mondays.  Mondays will no longer consist of a morning check in and teacher office hours.  Mondays will now be full school days following the schedule provided.

Starting now, each academic department will be working in their respective departments to establish best practices that will help maximize the academic experience for all remote and in-person students.  

2.  The schedule from April 28th - June 16th

We will continue with a block scheduling format, with some slight modifications to accommodate for lunch sessions. Also, as stated in the notice yesterday, school will run 5 days per week.  The flex day will no longer be a part of our schedule.   Access the link below to view the schedule format for April 28th - June 16th:

3.  Uniforms for students who attend in-person 5 days per week

Regular school days (no physical education class scheduled) - Students must wear a solid navy or white shirt/top with a collar.  Students must wear khaki or navy pants, shorts, or skirts.  **Students are not required to wear Land’s End AMSA logo shirts for the remainder of this year.  We do encourage students to wear their Land’s End AMSA logo shirts if they currently own them.

Physical education days - Students must wear a solid navy or white collared shirt.  Students must wear solid navy sweatpants or shorts.  **Again, students are encouraged to wear their AMSA logo P.E shirts if they currently own them.  However, it is not required for the remainder of this school year.

Links and info to some clothing/attire: 


Uniform guidelines and outside vendors

Uniform shirt

Boys white button down shirt

Girls white button down shirt

We will have dress down days starting in the month of May on the last scheduled Friday/school day of the month.

Also, seniors will be able to wear their senior shirts and spirit wear each Friday leading up to their last day of school, starting on May 7th.

If your family is in need of any financial assistance, please fill out the Free and Reduced Lunch Form using the below link and mail them to Eileen Hebert, 201 Forest Street, Marlborough, MA  01752.

**Please know that this revision is in place for in-person students for the dates of April 28th - June 16th only.  All students will be required to fully comply with our AMSA uniform policy next school year.

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