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Thermo Fisher Exec Mentors Students

Ann Matteson, Senior Director of Talent Management and Leadership Development at Thermo Fisher Scientific, recently coached Technovation students on how to deliver effective presentations. 

Ms. Matteson signed up to be a mentor for Technovation in January. Mentors are professionals who feel comfortable supporting teams of girls to participate in the program and helping their teams become leaders.

The students are in the final stages of the Technovation Challenge competition that ends on April 24. The international competition focuses on inspiring young women to become stronger, more confident individuals who will eventually become a part of the ever-growing STEM fields. The program teaches young women mobile app development, concepts of entrepreneurship, and community engagement. 

Ms. Matteson shared her expertise and advised them to know their audience, make eye contact and build rapport, and try to connect with the audience on a personal level. She also worked one-on-one with students on making their presentations more effective for their business pitches. 

Her presence and involvement were very valuable, as the girls left looking up to her as a role model. We thank Ms. Matteson for the considerable time she spent with the students!

Thermo Fisher Exec Mentors Students
Thermo Fisher Exec Mentors Students 2
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