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25 Lower School Students Qualify for AMC 10 National Math Exam

25 Lower School Students Qualify for AMC 10 National Math Exam

Congratulations to the top scoring Lower School students who participated in the AMC 8 last November. 25 students qualified to participate in the AMC 10 national math exam with Upper School students on Thursday, February 4, 2021! (List below.)

The American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) national exams promote the development of problem-solving skills and positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers.

In the midst of our current circumstances, AMSA has maintained its priority to provide students with challenging test experiences, to offer them an opportunity to see math problems that students may never have seen before, and to inspire students to learn more.

Rather than administer the online contests to all students this year, participation has been by request only. We are very proud of the high number of students who asked to participate!


Pranav Srinivasan, Gr. 7

Akhil Divi, Gr. 8

Annabella Kalina, Gr. 8

Nolan Maxwell, Gr. 8

Richy Yan, Gr. 6

Vatsal Patel, Gr. 7

Keshav Kumar , Gr. 8

Yamaan Khundakjie, Gr. 8

Augustus Rollin, Gr. 8

Jesse Sheintsvit, Gr. 7

Sreejon Saha, Gr. 6

Sophia Hammel, Gr. 8

Marrio Jovin Jeyakumar, Gr. 8

Agastya Sondhi, Gr. 6

Rddhima Bora, Gr. 6

Tyler Houle, Gr. 7

Genevieve Rollin, Gr. 7

Declan Carroll, Gr. 6

Oliver deHollan, Gr. 6

Samik Shah, Gr. 6

Anton Richter, Gr. 7

Yuval Artzi, Gr. 7

Arya Sheth, Gr. 7

Raghav Subash Chander, Gr. 7

Charles Hammel, Gr. 6