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AMSA Launches Drop-Everything-And-Read Program

AMSA Launches Drop-Everything-And-Read Program

Books and reading are an integral part of learning in every content area and at every level. AMSA’s community, we all know, offers students excellence in academics and a rigorous reading program as part of our school’s curriculum. But reading is not just about academic excellence -- it opens up so many more doors and opportunities to be excellent in every aspect of our lives. It gives us the ability to have meaningful conversations, pursue our passions, connect with others, and just relax after a rigorous day of learning at AMSA!

As part of our ongoing mission to build and support our community in all of these ways, AMSA is launching the Drop-Everything-And-Read (aka DEAR) Book program. The DEAR book is a book of any genre or topic that a student chooses to read. It is a no-pressure, open-ended invitation to escape into a different world during down times.  

Teachers will encourage students to take out their book and read when the opportunity arises -- after other work is completed, when a teacher is absent, during a quiet study hall or directed study, when a student needs a quiet break.

Many teachers have books available to borrow in their classrooms and are happy to recommend books related to their content area, related to common interests, or based on what they know about their students.

Here is a video of our department chairs recommending their favorite books!