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AMSA Students Excel on National French, Latin, and Spanish Exams

AMSA Students Excel on National French, Latin, and Spanish Exams

Congratulations -- Gratulationes! Félicitacion! ¡Felicidades! -- to AMSA world language students who attained national recognition for excellent performances on the National French, Latin and Spanish exams.

National French Contest

AMSA’s French students did well on the 2022 Le Grand Concours/National French Contest. Two level 2 students earned a Bronze medal and 13 French students overall received an Honorable Mention. Congratulations to both Lenn Alkuwait Alsalem and Shreya Venkayala for earning a bronze medal on the French level 2 exam! This is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, in which students are assessed on their written, oral, and listening comprehension skills. Also, kudos to Madame Zhobro for her support of these French students.


National Latin Exam

AMSA’s High School Latin students earned 15 medals overall– 5 Students earned the highest category of the Gold “Summa Cum laude” medal and 10 earned the Silver “Maxima cum laude” medal! An additional 6 students earned the Magna Cum Laude award. Students are tested on their knowledge in every domain in which the Romans left their mark: literature, history, geography, and language. Congratulations also to the High School Latin teachers Mr. Fuller and Mr. Schlichtmann who helped prepare them for these tests. 

Gold “Summa Cum Laude” Medal Winners:

Colin Candiloro- Senior in AP Latin

Ashley Correll- Junior in Latin 4H

Vedant Roymoulik- Junior in Latin 4H

Hannah Veracka- Junior in Latin 4H

Ian Gifford- Sophomore in Latin 3H

Silver “Maxima Cum Laude” Medal Winners:

Lauren Williams- AP Latin in 12th grade

Andre Coullard- Junior in Latin 4H

Griffin Coyle- Junior in Latin 4H

Ryan Young- Junior in Latin 4H

Ajit Ware- Junior in Latin 4H

Figueiredo Weberton- Senior in Latin 4H

Gabriel Hurez-Soler- Sophomore in Latin 3H

Vaishak Pulkayath- Sophomore in Latin 3H

Gabe Casanas- Freshman in Latin 2H

Molly Hauri- Freshman in Latin 2H


National Spanish Exam

Congratulations to the 25 Spanish students who earned medals on the 2022 National Spanish Exam! AMSA students earned a total of 14 silver and 11 bronze medals, along with 39 honorable mentions. The exam assesses students on vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills. 

Recognition must also be given to the Spanish teachers Ms. Arteaga, Mr. Clarkson, Ms. O’Brien and Mrs. Preston who taught and supported these participating students. 

National Spanish Exam Medal Winners:

Silver Medal Winners:

Elena Ursache- Senior in AP Spanish

Samantha Hill- Junior in Spanish 3H

Sydney Michaud- Junior in Spanish 3H

Veronica Ramos- Junior in Spanish 3H

Anjali Sangappa- Junior in Spanish 3H

Gabrielle Bouassa- Sophomore in Spanish 3H

Clare Jackson- Sophomore in Spanish 2H

Ishani Saha- Sophomore in Spanish 2H

Katherine Snow- Sophomore in Spanish 2H

Ayden Allen-Cordon- Freshman in Spanish 1

Owen Chaves- Freshman in Spanish 1

Mellany Gomes- Freshman in Spanish 1

Noah Hill- Freshman in Spanish 1

Hannah Miele- Freshman in Spanish 1

Bronze Medal Winners:

Amanda Denney- Senior in AP Spanish

Matthew Martinez- Junior in Spanish 3H

Lauren Yee- Junior in Spanish 3H

Victoria Espinosa- Sophomore in Spanish 2H

Malav Ravula- Freshman in Spanish 2H

Matthew Brummel- Freshman in Spanish 1

Richard DeMoura- Freshman in Spanish 1

Alyssa Giugliano- Freshman in Spanish 1

David Hodge- Freshman in Spanish 1

Annabella Kalina- Freshman in Spanish 1

Yamaan Khundakjie- Freshman in Spanish 1


Congratulations to all of our medal winners! Gratulationes! Félicitacion! ¡Felicidades!