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Boys Soccer Senior Day 2021

Boys Soccer Senior Day 2021

Congratulations to all 10 seniors on the Boys Soccer team who were honored with their families at Senior Day!

No. 15 Ben Souza and his brother Oliver

No. 6 Noe Francois-Saint-Cyr and his mother Alexandra

No. 18 John Andersson and his father Karl

No. 10 David Badaro, parents José and Cristiane and brother Jonathan

No. 19 Captain Manav Gupta and his mother Renu

No. 16 Mathew Hall and his parents Joe and Mystique

No. 11 James Roberts and his parents Phill and Sue

No. 22 Carter Benjaminsen and his parents Bill and Heidi

GK Captain Andrew Cash and his parents Adam and Lorraine

No. 1 Matt Young and his parents Chris and Julie

Boys Soccer Senior Day 2021