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Class of '24 Seniors Earn State Seal of Biliteracy

Class of '24 Seniors Earn State Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to 26 students of the Class of 2024 who earned the prestigious Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy! See list of students below. Of those, three students (in bold) earned the State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction. Collectively, this group of seniors earned the State Seal in five different languages -- Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Tamil. 

The Massachusetts State Seal of Biliteracy is awarded to students who demonstrate proficiency in English and any other world language. Recipients must earn proficiency on the ELA MCAS as well as an Intermediate High on a nationally recognized world language assessment. To earn the State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction, students must score in the Advanced category on both the ELA MCAS and on a world language assessment. 

AMSA Class of 2024 Seniors who earned Biliteracy State Seal:
1. Samuel Alginina- Russian
2. Anna Alonso- Portuguese
3. Panapitiyange Bandara- Latin
4. Kimberlly Boaventura- Portuguese
5. Gabrielle Bourassa- Spanish
6. Pedro DeFreitas- Portuguese
7. Ana Cecilia Ferrari- Portuguese
8. Victoria Cruz- Portuguese
9. Brenda Da Silva- Portuguese
10. Gabriel Da SIlva- Portuguese
11. Danielle De Oliveira State Seal with Distinction- Portuguese
12. Victoria Espinosa- Spanish
13. Ian Gifford- Latin
14. Maya Grgurevich- Spanish
15. Gabriel Hurez Soler- Spanish
16. Clare Jackson- Spanish
17. Manu Prabakaran State Seal with Distinction- Tamil 
18. Vaishak Pulkayath- Latin
19. Isabella Rand- Portuguese
20. Christiane Rodrigues- State Seal with Distinction- Portuguese
21. Ishani Saha- Spanish
22. Raissa Santana- Portuguese
23. Manraaj Singh- Latin
24. Jennifer Souza- Portuguese
25. Robert Spitzer- Latin
26. Evelynn Venades- Portuguese

For more information about the seal, please see this link: