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Highlighting Our Counselors for National School Counseling Week

In honor of National School Counseling Week, we are highlighting our school counselors and sharing their favorite quotes! See below and quotes in images.

Chris Dugan: Nelson Mandela quote
Wylie Culhane: Amanda Gorman quote
Kate Driver, Glennon Doyle quote
Sarah Morrissey, Maya Angelou quote
Jessica Loshiavo, Mindy Kaling quote
Jillian Ehnstrom, Michelle Obama quote
Kerry Bergeron, Unknown Author quote

National School Counseling Week
Chris Dugan
Nelson Mandela
Wylie Culhane
Amanda Gorman
Kate Driver
Glennon Doyle
Sarah Morrissey
Maya Angelou
Jessica Loshiavo
Mindy Kaling
Jillian Ehnstrom
Michelle Obama
Kerry Bergeron