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Latin-Art Project About Self

Latin-Art Project About Self

A fascinating interdisciplinary project between Latin and Art classes is examining the concept of “self” from the perspective of each discipline.

Students in Mr. Fuller’s Latin class are studying "How did Romans portray each other in art such as statues, monuments and paintings?" They are making posters that explore the facial expressions of ancient statues and what they might be thinking – which connects to the concept of self. (See video.)

Simultaneously, these same students are working on self-portrait projects in Ms. Cloutman's 8th grade art class. They are learning a drawing technique that makes use of working with a photograph and a grid in order to draw very accurate and naturalistic self-portraits.

Many students made a silly face in their photo “selfie” in order to create unusual lines and shadows, which creates the look of a variety of emotions but also lets them practice the drawing techniques of sfumato and chiaroscuro more easily.

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