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Seniors Receive Scholarships From Sunovion

Seniors Receive Scholarships From Sunovion

Congratulations to our five seniors who successfully completed the Sunovion Capstone Project, a unique collaboration between AMSA and Marlborough-based Sunovion Pharmaceuticals.

Melvin He, Maya Joniaux, Lucy McCabe, Jewel Pauly, and Allison Silva each received a $2,500 scholarship and a "swag bag" from Sunovion, which develops medicines for central nervous system disorders.

During the project, the seniors and two juniors (Audrey Clayton and Annika Gabrielle Jadormio) learned about neuroscience and life science career paths from Sunovion scientists. Then, they developed lessons to teach what they learned about the human brain to AMSA 7th graders.

Together, AMSA and Sunovion are inspiring and empowering the next generation of innovators in neuroscience. Thank you, Sunovion, for being a wonderful corporate partner, and special thanks to your team’s scientists and coaches who gave their time to teach and mentor our students!

Sunovion Scholarships

Allison Silva, Jewel Pauly, Annika Gabrielle Jadormio, Maya Joniaux

Sunovion Scholarships 2

Melvin He, Lucy McCabe