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Students Earn Biliteracy State Seal

Students Earn Biliteracy State Seal

We are proud to announce that 11 AMSA students have been awarded the Biliteracy State Seal, which recognizes students who demonstrate proficiency in English and any other language. 

This is the first year AMSA has awarded the seal. Students must have at least a 240 on the ELA MCAS and score Intermediate High on a state approved language assessment, such as an AP exam. 

Seniors Alessandro DiMeo and Brinda Purimetla earned the prestigious Biliteracy State Seal with Distinction for their advanced scores in both languages. AMSA students collectively earned the seal in four languages-- French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Recipients’ transcripts and diplomas indicate this attainment of biliteracy, and students may in turn receive college credit. 

Congratulations to all of the seal recipients listed below! 

Seniors who are earning the Seal with Distinction:
1. Alessandro DiMeo (French)
2. Brinda Purimetla (Spanish)
Seniors earning the Seal:
3. Samuel Costa (Portuguese) 
4. Milena Cunha (Spanish)
5. Brennan McCabe (Japanese)
6. Amruta Peri (Spanish)
7. Andres Robles (Spanish)
Juniors & Sophomores earning the Seal:
8. Hannah Carlisle, class of 2021 (Spanish)
9. Sasmeta Giriraj, class of 2021 (Spanish)
10. Andre Foster, class of 2022 (Portuguese)
11. Victoria Turner, class of 2022 (Spanish)
*Additional students from this year may earn the seal soon; scores on their assessments are pending.

 Biliteracy State Seal