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Drama Society - Fall 2022

Drama Society - Fall 2022

The goals of this club are to teach students acting, presentation, and production skills through school wide drama productions. To introduce students to various jobs related to theater: stage crew and management, set production, choreography, costume design, and of course acting.

Students will learn blocking, choreography, singing, lines and character development, and improve upon their acting and presentation skills. Students will also help with design and construction of sets, props and costuming. All of these require commitment and additional planning of time and materials.

Students will learn to measure and calculate dimensions in planning the design of sets and their location.

Students will learn to measure and calculate fabric needed for patterns, as well as the dimensions of various patterns for costumes (e.g. length and circumference applied to make a cloak).

Students will need to design sets that are stable, safe and free-standing, and easily movable since we need to travel to our performance spaces.

All of these activities reinforce academic skills and also encourage students to meet challenges and problem solve in a more fluid, "real-world" situation. It enhances their ability to relate to others and cooperate as a team and encourages appreciation of the arts as well as the off stage technical aspects. It also is imperative that students act as a team to make a show happen from acting, to building and moving sets. It is key that they learn to support each other both when things go well and when they do not go well in rehearsals and, especially, in performances.

The fall 2022 play will be "Much Ado About Nothing"

Grades: 6-12

Advisors: Ms. Crocker

Auditions: TBD

Meets: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:15-6 p.m. (Mon-Sat during Tech Week and for the performances)

Location: Upper School Cafeteria, except Tech Week is off-site at an auditorium

Dues: Major roles = $130, minor roles = $90, crew = $30

Drama fall auditions
Drama fall auditions
Drama fall auditions