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Parking Policy

Parking Policy 

AMSA has the responsibility to monitor and regulate students’ use of motor vehicles while on campus. Motor vehicles include but are not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorized bicycles, scooters and mopeds. AMSA reserves the right to deny the use of unsafe vehicles as necessary. AMSA is not responsible for damage to vehicles while on campus. Absolutely no overnight parking is allowed unless permission is granted by the administration. 

Application Process
  • Applications are available here

  • All students must apply for a parking permit.

  • Multiple vehicles may be used, but you must have a separate permit tag in each car.
  • Seniors will be given priority when issuing permits. 
  • Permit tags must be displayed in rear window upper left corner and fully visible. 
  • Once the student has submitted the application online and it is approved, a staff member will issue a permit tag in person to the student. 
  • All cars must have a parking permit or may be subject to towing. 
Student Driving Regulations
  • All cars must display their permit tag at all times.  
  • All students must drive in a safe and courteous manner throughout the entire campus.
  • All students must only park in the designated student parking lots (see map) or the overflow lot if full (ForeKicks). 
  • Student unattended cars must be locked at all times. 
  • Students must observe all traffic rules while on school grounds. 
  • Any speeding above 10 miles per hour, squealing tires, loud music, racing engines will be considered reckless driving and will not be tolerated. 
  • Any student found to violate these regulations will be subject to suspension of parking privileges. 

Any questions, please contact Mr. Lane, Director of Facilities,