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Peer Mediation

Conflict with peers is a normal part of growing up and sometimes we might need help to appropriately resolve a conflict.

AMSA's Peer Mediation Program can help students resolve issues before they become larger
problems. Specifically, peer mediation helps students involved in conflict get clear about their concerns, better understand one another, and come to a mutual agreement about how they want to handle their issues.

Our program is designed for students from 6th through 9th grade, who can access the program through any adult at school or a paper referral form located in the main office.

who are the peer mediators?

They are Upper School students who have been highly trained by Metrowest Mediation Services of Natick to help resolve conflict.

How can parents learn more about this program?

  • Through any Counselor
  • Through either Dean of Students

Mr. Daniel Amaral, Upper School Dean of Students,  coordinates the program and can be your first point of contact.