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marlborough buses

The City of Marlborough provides bus transportation for all AMSA students who are residents of Marlborough. 

2023-2024 Marlborough Bus Information 

2023-2024 Marlborough Bus Routes

regional buses

Our regional buses serve AMSA students in Clinton, Hudson, Maynard, and other towns as needed. 

2023-2024 Regional Bus Information 

2023-2024 Regional Bus Routes

Parents can also find bus information in their Plus Portals account.
Go to Plus Portals, click School, then click Demographics, then scroll down to Bus.

Carpool Search Results

In addition, AMSA has partnered with CarpooltoSchool to give parents a safe, secure, easy way to start or join a carpool. You can now connect online with other AMSA families at an exclusive AMSA carpool webpage to create carpools for taking kids to/from school, extracurricular activities, and events. There is no cost to you for this service. It is being offered for free by AMSA to help make scheduling easier for our families in the many communities where they reside.

Features include a secure matching service integrated with Google maps, scheduling, and built-in text messaging to remind parents when it's their turn to drive. All searching and communication between parents takes place on CarpooltoSchool’s secure website and mobile apps. Only AMSA families are allowed to have access to AMSA's carpool website and mobile apps.

How Does It Work?

  • Create a profile on our CarpooltoSchool login page or mobile apps, which you can download at Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Once you create a profile, you can do a search to "Find a match" based on the number of miles away from your home and the type of pool you are looking for (to/from school, sports team, etc.). Potential matches are displayed with estimated distances from your home.
  • To contact any potential matches, you send a carpool invitation through CarpooltoSchool's internal email system. Personal emails are not shared. Addresses are shared only after a carpool is accepted. (Likewise, if you receive a carpool invitation, your address is not shared until you accept an invitation.)
  • Through a personal dashboard, you keep track of carpools you are in, invitations you have received, and other information and tools.

Should you have any technical difficulties or questions (or wish to be removed from the service), please contact CarpooltoSchool directly by calling 800-514-3808, emailing or Live Chat on the web app. Other questions can be sent to Lynn McCluskey at


Contact Lynn McCluskey at with any questions about transportation.