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AMSA requires its students to wear uniforms. It is the family’s responsibility to provide a full Academic and Physical Education uniform for each student who attends AMSA. Families who demonstrate financial need should contact AMSA's Business Manager, Liana McLaren, for information about financial assistance with uniform purchasing at

Here are some key pointers about the purchasing options for the school uniform:

  • The Tommy Hilfiger online school store is now ready for shopping! To access the store, click here and enter the school name or location. Download ordering instructions here.
  • You can also continue ordering uniform items from our Land's End online store here.
  • Approved AMSA-logo outerwear able to be worn in classrooms for layering and warmth can be purchased from either Land's End or Tommy Hilfiger.
  • Pants, skirts, shorts, sweatpants, and PE shorts may be purchased from any vendor of a family's choice as long as they meet the criteria listed below in the Uniform Chart and there is a good faith effort to match the Land's End and Tommy Hilfiger colors as closely as possible.
  • After reviewing all major third-party school uniform vendors for similarity to what we offer through our official vendors, we highly recommend purchasing only from Gap, Old Navy, or Under Armour.
  • We will be phasing out white and burgundy from the school uniform color scheme over the next few years so there will no longer be options to buy these colors on our Land's End and Tommy Hilfiger school uniform portals. NOTE: any students with these colored items may still wear them for the remainder of the time they are a student at AMSA.

Please refer to the Student and Parent Handbook for more information.

Uniform Vendors